Board of Trustees

  • David L. Anderson, Ph.D., Chair
  • David Barber
  • John Chang, D.O. '84 MSc, FACEP, FAAUCM
  • Chris Claudio
  • Rita R. Colwell, Ph.D., HON '09
  • Mark Doiron
  • Diane Collins Field '81 '85
  • Grover C. Gilmore, Ph.D., Secretary
  • Kaitlyn Hall, Student Trustee
  • Katherine Heer '90, DMD
  • Story Landis, Ph.D. 
  • Joseph R. Kenneally '76, D.M.D.

  • George M. Locarno '70, LL.M., C.P.A., J.D.
  • Dan McCormack, MBA, Treasurer
  • Patricia J. Phillips, D.O. '85
  • Gloria A. Pinza, J.D.
  • Danielle Ripich, Ph.D., President (ex-officio)
  • Richard M. Roderick
  • Sarae Sager, Student Trustee
  • Cynthia J. Milliken Taylor, Vice-Chair

Trustee Emeriti

  • Vincent Furey
  • Father Clarence LaPlante, O.F.M. '53
  • Robert McAfee, M.D.
  • Mildred Holbrook O'Day '47
  • Widgery Thomas, Jr.
  • Harold E. Woodsum, Jr., L.L.B.

President Emeriti

  • Sandra Featherman, Ph.D.
  • Danielle N. Ripich, Ph.D.





Notice and Responsibilities Regarding this Catalog

This Catalog documents the academic programs, policies, and activities of the University of New England for the 2018-2019 academic year. The information contained herein is accurate as of date of publication April 27, 2018.

The University of New England reserves the right in its sole judgment to make changes of any nature in its programs, calendar, or academic schedule whenever it is deemed necessary or desirable, including changes in course content, the rescheduling of classes with or without extending the academic term, canceling of scheduled classes or other academic activities, in any such case giving such notice thereof as is reasonably practicable under the circumstances.

While each student may work closely with an academic advisor, he or she must retain individual responsibility for meeting requirements in this catalog and for being aware of any changes in provisions or requirements.