Science Prerequisites for the Health Professions


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Program Description

The Science Prerequisites for the Health Professions (SPHP) program is for students who have completed a baccalaureate degree and wish to enter a health professions program, but lack the necessary prerequisite courses. Most students enrolled in these courses will be working professionals. Students may enroll in SPHP courses at any time and from anywhere in the world.  The courses are designed to be completed in 16 weeks, but they are self-paced, so students may complete the courses at an accelerated pace in order to meet their personal academic needs.

All of the courses are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Many health professions programs accept these courses, but we encourage you to check with specific schools to verify that the courses are transferrable before you apply and/or register.

For more information on the courses offered within the SPHP program, including prerequisites, registration information, and a description of laboratory components, please call 855-325-0894 or e-mail

Curricular Requirements

Courses Credits
MEDT 1000 - Medical Terminology 3
MATH 1005 - Statistics  4
PHYS 1010 - Physics I 4
PHYS 1011 - Physics II 4
CHEM 1010 - Medical General Chemistry I/Lecture 3
CHEM 1010L - Medical General Chemistry I/Lab 1
CHEM 1011 - Medical General Chemistry II/Lecture 3
CHEM 1011L - Medical General Chemistry II/Lab 1
CHEM 1020 - Medical Organic Chemistry I/Lecture 3
CHEM 1020L - Medical Organic Chemistry I/Lab 1
CHEM 1021 - Medical Organic Chemistry II/Lecture 3
CHEM 1021L - Medical Organic Chemistry II/Lab 1
BIOL 1010 - Medical Biology I w/Lab 4
BIOL 1011 - Medical Biology II w/Lab 4
CHEM 1005 - Medical Biochemistry 4
PHSL 1010 - Medical Physiology 4
 BIOL 1020 - Microbiology for Health Professions/Lecture 3
BIOL 1020L- Microbiology for Health Professions Lecture & Lab 4
ANAT 1005 - Medical Anatomy for the Health Professions 4

BIOL 1030 - Pathophysiology for Health Professions

BIOL 1040 - Genetics 4
NTRN 1010 - Principles of Human Nutrition 3

Academic Policy

Course Length:

 1. Courses in the SPHP program are equivalent to one-semester courses, designed to be completed in 16 weeks.

2. Enrollment in the course begins the day your section opens, which is listed in the Academic Calendar found on the SPHP Webpage.

Upon completion of a course, the course instructor submits a grade for each student.   The instructor will notify students once their final grade has been calculated.

Technology requirements may differ by course. Please email regarding technology requirements for a specific course.

Students take their final proctored exam online using Proctor U.  For instructions on taking online exams, please visit ProctorU.

Withdrawal from the Course and Refunds

To withdraw from a course, please use go to and complete the withdrawal form under "Science Prerequisite Course Forms."  All correspondence with the UNE Registrar's office must be from your UNE email address. Please complete all sections of the withdrawal form, including your PRN, the CRN, course subject and number (Example: ANAT 1005). This action will result in a W grade for the course.  For withdrawal deadlines, please refer to the academic calendar.


To learn about the refund policy, please refer to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies' Student Handbook


Students may enter the program at any time, as long as they meet the prerequisites for the individual courses.  They may take as many courses as needed to meet the prerequisite requirements for the health professions program to which they are applying.  For students wishing to take more than two courses at a time, please email an Enrollment Counselor at or call 855-325-0894. 

Financial Information

We do not accept any type of financial aid or payment plan at this time, with the exception of military assistance.  Students are expected to make payment in full at the time of checkout. 

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