Adrienne Noble, '08

Testimonial Place Holder

Adrienne Noble, '08

Art Education K-12

UNE Experience

"When I was in high school, I took many art classes and to become an art teacher. I had five criteria for choosing a college: located in New England; must be coeducational; under 5,000 students; not located in a city; and must have Art Education as a major. My prior educational experiences were all in small learning environments, and I wanted to ensure that this continued in college; I was looking for a place with a true sense of community. When I toured the UNE campus, I knew right away this was the place for me. Over my three years at UNE, I have had great experiences and made great friendships with students and faculty. These experiences assure me every day that I chose the right college.

"What I like about the UNE Art Department is how well you get to know everyone in your major. Also, I like how the art rooms become a second home as you either work with your classmates or by yourself on your own time. 

"The projects that have been most important to my professional development are the observations we have done for our education classes. At UNE, unlike most schools, we start observing public school classrooms in our first year. It’s a great opportunity to make sure this is what you want to do after graduation, and you also learn great tricks from teachers who have done the job before."