Testimonial Place Holder

Amy Young, '07

Applied Exercise Science


I am from a small town in Vermont and wanted to continue with the small, community feel. I decided to be an [Applied Exercise Science] major. I want to help people feel better about themselves. I also love being active and working out, and what better way to do that than to be in a gym everyday? I am still living in Biddeford, Maine and am attending graduate school here at UNE. This fall, I will be attending UNE's Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

In The Classroom

All classes in my major were huge learning experiences. In my Intro to EHP class, I developed a career portfolio that helped me form my resume, visited different places that I might have been interested in interning, and became involved in professional activities in the community. In my Community Health Promotion class, I was part of a group that developed a lower-back health program for the Biddeford firefighters, which was a great experience in learning how to put together and execute a wellness program. I had a leadership class my last year that required a semester-long project on future career plans. I did my project on physical therapy and learned a lot about the field. During my last year, I also had a lot of classes that took place more often in the gym than in the classroom (Concepts of Strength and Conditioning and Fitness Evaluation and Prescription). I really enjoyed the hands-on experience that those two classes provided me.