Testimonial Place Holder

Angelena Pepe ’11

Elementary Education

I came to UNE because I was looking for a small campus that was interconnected and I needed a break from being in the city. UNE also had just the program I was looking for so it fit perfectly.

UNE is a great little community. Everyone is so friendly...the faculty, particularly in the Education Department, is always available to talk or help. Every professor takes the time to get to know each student personally.

Since my first semester, I have been in classrooms working with children. I learn so many things both directly and indirectly because I am right there seeing it or doing it; it is great preparation for my profession before I am actually in my very own classroom.

 All of the experiences I have had thus far have better prepared me and taught me for the real world of education. There's nothing better than actually doing it, and I have been lucky to have many beneficial opportunities.