U N E student Aryn Morgan in winter clothes
Headshot of U N E student Aryn Morgan

Aryn Morgan ’25

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

Exceptional Teaching and Learning

Many of our professors went [to UNE] for their medical education. It’s nice to have that sort of wealth of experience from them. They are doing a great job highlighting [social and ethical issues related to medicine] during class.

Two courses that make me think about this the most are Pharmacology and Genetics Pharmacology. There are a lot of differences within genetic components that make us who we are, so there is a very unique connection between the two subjects.

Drug classes are historically broken down by race and that…leads to some people being overtreated or undertreated. For instance, some races have differences in genetics that make them faster or slower to react to certain drugs or compounds, so they can’t metabolize the product quicker. You have to dose-address based off of that.

There are a lot of things that are both environmental and genetically acquired that can contribute to medicine. We have to factor those things in, and I think [the faculty] are doing a good job integrating that.

Welcoming Community

We’re very collaborative. We’re all trying to work together. We’re all trying to get to the same goal. If one person is lacking in one area then there’s always another person who will try to raise them up in another. We are all working together to get to the same place.

People are always willing to meet up outside of class to go over things. Even though we are a big class, I feel like I’m connected with everyone. [UNE] is a very warm and inviting place.