Headshot of Ashley Carroll

Ashley Carroll ’20

Social Work (M.S.W.)


I chose UNE because of the clinical track for my M.S.W. The courses were geared towards the field and the requirements to become licensed after graduation. UNE also provided the online atmosphere I needed, as I am a mother of four and my husband is in the military. The online atmosphere allowed me to continue my education no matter my location.

UNE provided the appropriate course work that allowed me to learn about social work, the different therapeutic models used within the field, and the best ways to apply these concepts and models to our practice. In addition, there were elective courses that grabbed my attention and covered different aspects of the field.

The faculty was a major support for students and was always available for help and support.

Experiential Learning

I completed two internships while attending UNE. My experience with interprofessional education really came from my first internship and helped me learn a lot. I was able to work with multiple professions when it came to the care of our clients, and I felt it was imperative in covering every aspect of health the client needed cared for. The interprofessional videos provided by the school helped to gain different perspectives on a wide range of topics.

My most memorable field placement moment was having a client with a traumatic brain injury who forgot to make appointments and would go from depression and unchecked health to maintaining health and thriving. He went from 15-minute sessions to 2-hour sessions.