Testimonial Place Holder

Ashley Perkins, '07

Dental Hygiene (4-Year B.S.)

"The dental field has always been of interest to me. Throughout my high school career, I worked in a dental office and an orthodontic office assisting with various procedures and general clinic upkeep. The role of dental hygienist was introduced to me by my own dental hygienist, and from there my goal was to attend college for this profession. Looking more into dental hygiene, I saw the personal and financial benefits that come with the field. Knowing that the dental profession was of interest to me, I wanted to attend a college that would feed my interest. I discovered UNE through my academic counselor during my junior year of high school. Looking through the course outline of the Dental Hygiene program, I felt the best choice for me was the University of New England.

"I enjoyed attending the University of New England for many reasons. The professors and instructors of the Dental Hygiene program are very kind and are willing to help with any aspect of the dental field. I find that attending a smaller university, the student-to-instructor ratio is a lot smaller and more personal. I enjoyed having an academic relationship with my professors and instructors, and I took comfort in knowing that I could always turn to them for advice and instruction. 

"I enjoyed my final year in the Dental Hygiene program at UNE. I felt it gave me an extra edge on understanding the link between systemic heath and dental hygiene. I also feel that the final year in the program helped me understand different types of people and their specific cultural differences. This has helped me as a dental hygienist to educate patients and to address their specific needs. On a personal level, I feel as though I have become more open minded and will go the extra mile to connect with my patients."

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