Bailey Sullivan

Bailey Sullivan '17

Animal Behavior

UNE is a great choice because it allows a lot of different options for learning. I got to learn hands-on while also having my regular classwork. I studied abroad too, which allowed me to go to Morocco, a country that I never thought I would get the chance to visit.

My favorite part of the Biddeford campus was the beach access. I would go to the beach to clear my head after tests or with friends to talk and hang out. It was so nice that the beach was right there, and everyone got the opportunity to be outside in a beautiful landscape all the time.

I also loved UNE because I made lifelong friends. I am still in contact with most of my friends from school. Some of my best friends came out of UNE.

Exceptional Teaching and Learning

UNE offers a lot of hands-on experience — there is a focus on internships. Professors want you to do more than one if you can because they want you to have the hands-on experience while you’re in school to figure out exactly what you’re interested in. Internships are strongly encouraged among Animal Behavior majors.

I completed two internships during my time at UNE. I worked at Runs With Wolves Sanctuary in Maine and also interned at an organization called NEADS World Class Service Dogs in Massachusetts that trains service dogs. By then, I was leaning toward the service-dog career route. My internship that summer set the path for me now. After that summer, I was hired as a regular employee, and I have worked my way up.

My current position is assistant breeding and puppy development coordinator. I focus on socialization and early exposure — to loud sounds, objects, surfaces, etc. These situations allow me to develop puppy personality profiles. Based on what I see, I create the profile, and then a trainer can reference that as the puppy grows through its training. Specifically, I work in advanced socialization with our puppies. I take them around our campus and expose them to different things like full sets of stairs, meeting people, and other situations to help them learn.

Having a degree in Animal Behavior from UNE was a big part of my getting hired at NEADS because of the program’s reputation. My bosses knew of UNE, knew it had a strong program, and trusted that I would be a good candidate because of that background.