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Beth Giguere, '14

My favorite thing about being part of UNE's psychology department was having the opportunity to participate in research three out of my four years as a student. Becoming an assistant in a research lab was a hands-on educational experience that allowed me to delve further into my psychology interests. Furthermore, doing research allowed me to be part of several publications and travel to professional conferences.

I think the psychology department's biggest strength is that it truly feels like a community. The small class sizes allow you to build relationships with all of your professors and classmates in a way that lecture halls simply don't allow. Discussions are engaging and insightful, and everyone becomes supportive of one another. The professors get to know you, are always willing to help and want to see you succeed.

Right now I am working in the special education department at the middle school in my hometown of Sanford, Maine. Specifically, I work in the emotional disabilities program, where I provide classroom support for students with emotional and social needs. I work with children with a very wide range of specific needs, including autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, ADHD and PTSD.

Upon graduation, I felt very prepared to enter the work force. I am able to apply the knowledge I acquired through my research and classes at UNE every single day. Additionally, through the internship program in UNE's psychology department, I was able to gain invaluable work experience that not only prepared me for graduation, but helped me to decide what kind of setting I wanted to work in. I have no doubts that my UNE education has given me the skills necessary to succeed in my current position.