Testimonial Place Holder

Betsy Johnson '06

Art Education K-12

I entered UNE in the Elementary Education Program but soon realized that I wanted to concentrate my studies and focus on Art Education. I've been doing art my whole life, and it just seemed natural to incorporate that with my love for teaching and children.

I like UNE because the professors actually learn your name and are always willing to help in any way they can. The Art Department is great because of the small class sizes and the one-on-one attention you get. I really enjoyed the variety of the art classes as well. All of my professors were great at what they teach and have a passion for what they do. Their passion for art spills over into the classroom and makes the classes that much more enjoyable, even for those who aren't art majors.

I worked for the YMCA, as their site director for one of their Kid's Out sites. It's an after school program to help kids with homework and keep them actively involved in their community. I also taught an art class at the YMCA for younger children. I think both of these experiences taught me a lot about classroom management and how to plan proper lessons.

From the first education class I took, I was in classrooms, observing and learning from these observations. I think these observations really help students to decide whether teaching is right for them. For me, these observations gave me great opportunities to learn from the teachers and get ideas for my future classroom.