Brandon Narciso

Brandon Narciso '21

Business Administration Sport and Recreation Management

With the sport management degree, I get an automatic minor in Business Administration, so I am learning sports management and business at the same time. They work together really well. It’s everything that I want to do.

UNE is really helping me on my path. Last semester, I took a sport marketing class, and we had a project where we had to create a new promotional concept for the Portland Seadogs baseball team, which is an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. I jumped right into the opportunity … I couldn’t imagine a better way to get my foot in the door than saying that I helped to create a promotional campaign for a minor league team. I came up with an idea that we pitched to the Seadogs marketing and sales director who had come down for our class presentations. He picked my project as one that he wanted to see progress further, so then, as a whole class, we worked on my idea and then pitched the final project to him again, and he loved it.

By that time, I had already applied to be an intern for the Seadogs, and my professor really encouraged me. [Eventually], I got a call saying that they would like me to be an intern for the upcoming season. I’m so thankful to my professors and to UNE for allowing me to have these types of unique opportunities.

Welcoming Community

Originally, I thought I would go to a school in Massachusetts, but after visiting UNE a few times, it just felt like home to me. The more I came here, the more I fell in love with it and realized that it checked off all the boxes for what I want for myself in the future. If you feel an instinct of comfort, then this is the place for you. It was definitely that way for me. I think it’s important to embrace that feeling and explore the opportunities that are here.

I made instant connections with people here at UNE. Right away, I gelled a lot with the people around me. When I decided to come here, I committed fully to it, and I made some really great friendships. I’ve met people from California, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and beyond. All over the country. It’s really cool to hear everyone’s different stories and learn about their diverse backgrounds.