Portrait of Caitlin Whalen

Caitlin Whalen '23

Medical Biology (Medical Sciences)


I decided to come to UNE because of the university’s commitment to helping students pursue career goals. The coursework here provides a strong foundation in sciences and professional skills in order to be successful in further studies.

After my first year at UNE, I decided to focus on a future in veterinary medicine. I wanted to learn hands-on with professionals in the field to start developing essential skills and knowledge of veterinary medicine, and the College of Arts and Sciences Internship Office was extremely helpful in helping me find an internship. I was able to describe what I was looking for in an internship and they helped me find a site that provided me with that experience.

Hands-On Learning

[My] internship at the Saco River Wildlife Center has been one of the highlights of my college experience. It has provided a structured and hands-on learning experience that relates directly to my future career. It's an opportunity to work on professional and personal skills while connecting with experts in the field.

It feels so rewarding to put the knowledge I have developed in classes to use in a professional setting. Working at the wildlife center has made me more motivated and excited about my career path. During just one semester, I have learned a wide range of skills that I can add to my resume and can be applied to future veterinary roles.

Not only have I been able to develop these technical skills, but I have also gained experience with leadership and teamwork which makes me a stronger applicant to grad schools or future jobs.