Camille Smalley, '08


"I really liked the faculty of the English and History Departments at UNE. I became really close with my professors and felt comfortable going to them not just for educational advice. The English and History Departments are rather small, so it is nice to be able to actually sit and have a conversation with one of your professors in their office and not have to worry about the professor not remembering who you are the next time you meet. The faculty members in both departments are warm and ready to help with anything from reading a draft for class to writing entrance essays for graduate school.

"The class that really shaped my educational future was the Museums and Public History course team taught by Professor Elizabeth De Wolfe and former Saco Museum Director Andrea Cochrane. In this course we created a museum exhibit based on Professor De Wolfe's book, The Murder of Mary Bean. As a class, we were working in the Museum environment from the planning process through the exhibit production process. It was a great experience and one that started my deep love for the history and museum field. This experience opened up a lot of opportunities for me, from my employment at the Saco Museum to going to graduate school."

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