Carly Woolard

Carly Woolard '20


People at UNE make me feel seen. The school — and my program in particular — hold true to the fact that people know your name here. The classes are small. The professors take notice of students’ interests and want to support those interests. I feel very supported personally, and I can see that other students do too. Professors really take the time to talk with us.

The social work program itself is also very supportive. I can stop in to any of my professors’ offices, make an appointment with staff members, or ask questions. If I am ever unsure about what happens next, they assure me and point me in the right direction.

A Strong Resource Base

There are so many resources here at UNE. I  have made a strong relationship with the career counselor on the Portland Campus. The career center has helped me understand how to write an effective cover letter and how to read job postings in a way where I can figure out if the job is something that I actually want.

Another thing that sticks out about UNE is the interprofessional team immersion. At another school, I may not get the chance to see other programs or work with the students in them because we are in different classes, but with interprofessional team immersion, the programs are brought together the same way that they are in the real world. I’m not always going to just be surrounded by social workers, so having this experience now is really beneficial. UNE does a great job at preparing us for working with other professions in that aspect.

[UNE is] an investment that something positive is going to come from.