Testimonial Place Holder

Cassidy Peterson, '13

Marine Science

"I like that UNE is a small school where professors know and remember me outside of the classroom. It makes my peers and professors much more relatable and less intimidating.

"Particularly, I love the Marine Biology community. It is easy and exciting to get involved in undergraduate research.  I spend a lot of time at the Marine Science Center, where almost all of the professors (even those who have never taught me personally) and many of the graduate students know me. The MSC is full of dedicated marine biologists.

"Getting involved in research is by far the most valuable experience of my undergraduate career. In addition to helping all my fellow lab-members with their respective projects, I have had the opportunity to take on a project of my own as a part of my honors research.

"Not only have these experience taught me how to conduct research, they have given me confidence in my future schooling and career goals. Furthermore, this has assured me of my love of the field, and has given me endless insight into what life as a marine biologist is really like. Through my research advisor, I have also made contact with many other prominent doctors in my field."

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