Testimonial Place Holder

Christopher Smith, '12

Marine Science

"What I like most about UNE is its location. Being on the mouth of the Saco River, UNE offers a wide range of opportunities to gain experience in marine science, both academically and recreationally. Academically, the University’s Marine Science Center is an invaluable resource for students wishing to engage in research. With Saco Bay just downstream, along with the impressive Marine Science Center, students have the opportunity to conduct both field and laboratory research.

"Recreationally, UNE is just as impressive. I am fortunate to be the vice president of UNE’s Scuba Club, which allows members to explore the marine world and experience it first hand. I am also an avid fisherman and take advantage of UNE’s access to the river and ocean as often as I can. UNE’s private beach as well as the nearby beaches of Biddeford Pool are great places to explore marine habitats, whether for a class or on your own. This University is perfect for me. It allows me to gain first-hand experience studying marine science as well as take part in the outdoor recreations that are available right on campus.

"The most important contribution to my professional development is the research experience I have gained here. I have spent the past two years working for professors Phil Yund and Charles Tilburg on a project looking at the southern range boundary of the northern blue mussel, Mytilus trossulus, throughout Downeast Maine... I have also spent the past summer conducting my own research project. My project is investigating the effect of ocean acidification on the ability of two mussel species to thicken their shells when receiving chemical cues from predators... The experiences gained by these research opportunities are truly invaluable to my professional development and will greatly aid me in my future career as a marine scientist."

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