Testimonial Place Holder

Dan Kelleher, '11

Applied Exercise Science

"I chose my major of study because I want to become a physical therapist. I came to UNE because it offered an undergraduate pathway to fulfilling my goals. As an Applied Exercise Science major I have taken the classes that will prepare me for graduate school where I will study physical therapy. The Applied Exercise Science major also relates to my interests in sports and exercise. I chose UNE because of the quality of education I am receiving, as a pathway to my eventual goal of becoming a doctor of physical therapy, and the beautiful location of the campus... I loved my major's department because of the focus on the science of exercise and sport performance. I find it fascinating to learn about how the body works in relation to physical activity.

"My junior year I was fortunate enough to be a teaching assistant in the Human Gross Anatomy Lab on campus. As a TA I helped teach students various systems of the body while strengthening my own knowledge in human anatomy. This past year as a senior, I interned at Saco Bay Physical Therapy in Kennebunk. At Saco Bay I worked with patients in helping them through their exercises and assisting the physical therapists that worked there. I learned a great deal about the practice of physical therapy. I think these two internship experiences have helped me with both my applications to graduate school and my professional development."

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