Don Walk stands smiling directly at the camera

Don Walk '23

Medical Biology


UNE pairs you with a medical school advisor (med advisor) from the first year — a lot of schools don’t do that until you are a sophomore or junior. 

A med advisor can give you more specific direction of what you should be doing in and outside of the classroom [to help you get into medical school]. They help pair you with [College of Osteopathic Medicine] student mentors or people who are currently in medical school so you can learn from their experience, get advice on what makes a good medical school candidate, and which classes really help them in medical school. For example, micro-bio is not technically a prerequisite for medical school but really helps in your first year, so that’s good to know now. It’s small advice and guidance like that that help give me direction. 

Also, the classes at UNE are small. I get one-on-one attention and can go to office hours. My professors know me. It’s really easy to make appointments with them. If I need extra help in an area, I can get it. 

Exceptional Teaching and Learning

My professors are so much fun in the classroom. You can tell that they’re really passionate. They listen to students and adjust their teaching styles. They really go above and beyond to make it feasible for us to comprehend difficult subjects, which is so nice. I was absolutely terrified to take organic chemistry and calculus. My professors in both of those classes really helped me outside of the classroom to make sure that I understood the material. They completely made my fear go away. 

At UNE, I don’t feel like there are barriers to talking to professors like human beings. Even after you finish a class with a professor, they still know who you are. You can still reach out and talk to them. It’s amazing how the professors care so much about students’ success.