Donna Cheney

Donna Cheney '62

Paying it back to give students a start

“I’ve always thought it’s important to support the school that gave you a start,” explains Donna Litchfield Cheney, a dedicated member of the UNE community since graduating from Westbrook Junior College in 1962. “UNE has been a state leader in starting programs that are really needed throughout our state and local communities, so in my mind, investing in UNE and its students is a really good investment.”

Donna has supported the University not only philanthropically but in many other ways over the years. Six months after graduating from Westbrook Junior College, she returned to work as secretary for President Blewett. She served as the president of the Westbrook College Alumni Association and later become an alumni trustee, a position she served in until 2003. She also served on the Moving Forward Campaign Committee during UNE’s last capital campaign. When Westbrook College merged with UNE, it was a period of extreme transition, and Donna’s presence in the community during this time provided stability and ensured a lasting dedication to Westbrook College’s legacy.

Today, Donna lives in Falmouth, and she is still very much a member of the UNE family. When Donna graduated in 1962, she felt Westbrook Junior College had equipped her with the necessary skillset to achieve all her professional goals, and the fact that UNE has strived to meet those same standards, as well as put an emphasis on supporting the local community, is something Donna is very proud of.

“UNE is one of the few universities where a student can go to school and come out and get a job in their chosen field — practically right away. It’s very unique in that respect. By giving back and supporting student scholarships, I hope to enable more students to advance their careers and achieve the same start I had.”

Donna Litchfield Cheney is also a proud member of the UNE Heritage Society. If you’ve included UNE in your estate plans, please let us know! You’ll become a member of the Heritage Society and your legacy will be woven into the future of generations of students.

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