Erin Bishop

Erin Bishop ’13


I appreciate that all of my professors are very invested in the work and are concerned about our overall learning experience. The School of Social Work is engaged in some innovative experiential learning experiences available to students. Also, the M.S.W. program at UNE values interprofessional collaboration and strongly encourages students to engage with other health professionals on campus.

Experiential Learning

During my time at UNE I engaged in a class/planning group that took place at the Cumberland County Jail with some inmates. It provided an opportunity for all of us to have a discussion about jails, their purpose, and how health is impacted when incarcerated. We used the class time as a planning group for identifying unmet needs of the inmates and how UNE could assist in meeting these needs. Some of the issues raised included maintaining health and minimal mental health services. We engaged some of the students from the other disciplines on campus to take part in the collaboration.

Currently the M.S.W. students have had the opportunity to co-facilitate support groups in five pods at the jail. The PA, OT, PT, and nursing students will be hosting health workshops, exercise instruction utilizing available equipment, and information about healthy eating habits. This has been a great experience as it has given me the opportunity to work with an underserved population. Also, it has given me the chance to practice working interprofessionally with other health care professionals.