Gregory Blackman smiles at the camera

Gregory Blackman '20

Physician Assistant (M.S.P.A.)


[UNE’s Physician Assistant program is] on this uphill progression of being built and built even though it's been around for a long time. It's had really great numbers. The board pass rate is above the national average, which speaks to the reliability of the program and the quality of education. That’s important to me.

UNE is unique in many inspiring ways. The Portland campus is a great place. The idea that you are here with other graduate students but also other health professionals on a campus of your own has a special way of fostering interprofessional work and development. There's a heavy reliability. Everyone works very hard. As a student, you have daily opportunities for interactions with other professions, which I love a lot. It's being able to go to those other professions and ask them for their opinion to get that angle of expertise. It gives you a broader view on things and a better connection.

Interprofessional Education

Other students in my program worked in the ER, or were paramedics, military medics, or respiratory therapists. I was an athletic trainer in the ER. All of these people come together here in the PA program, bringing along their various different backgrounds of medicine. Then we all have the opportunity to combine our knowledge and help each other. I have my areas of strength, but there are a lot of other areas that I have just barely even learned about. This collaborative feel fosters our classes.

It’s unique to have all these different views and be able to learn from your classmates while also learning from the faculty. It's almost like it's interprofessional within your profession, which is very cool.