Headshot of U N E Medical Biology student Haley Gagne

Haley Gagne '22

Medical Biology (Medical Sciences)


I applied to UNE because the pre-med program is outstanding. [When I spoke with] UNE, they explained the track and their program, they told me all about the curriculum and requirements. Everything was very transparent. It was clear what steps I would need to do, and there was also room for a lot of freedom. I also love the atmosphere here at UNE, it feels like a community. 

The career advisors and my academic advisor are so good at finding opportunities and emailing students to say, “Hey, you know, this is out there, if you want to come in and apply.” My advisor went through my entire internship application process with me twice. He reviewed my resume and edited my personal statement and intent statement. He sat down for over an hour with me going through things and giving me advice. It was incredibly helpful.

Hands-on Learning

I did a shadowing program with Mainely Kidz of Saco, Maine. It is one of the only pediatric physical therapy outpatient clinics in Maine. It was the perfect fit for me, and it was so fun. I could play games with these kids while still helping them. We were focused on a good quality of life rather than just a life. 

I am also a child health intern with the Maine chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which I got through the Hanley Internship program, which my career counselor told me about. The program connects college students to programs and people that need summer interns. 

The Maine Academy of Pediatrics advocates for a whole slew of children's needs, including child mental health. We are working to teach kids how to build resilience, build confidence, and have a better state of mind essentially. We focus on better morale and better mental health. We really teach kids how unhealthy coping mechanisms aren’t going to solve the issues that they feel internally or fix their emotions. Those unhealthy coping mechanisms lead to substance abuse or risk of suicide, so it’s a great program, and it’s really just the tip of the iceberg of what the Maine ADP does.

They work with foster care, they work helping moms and their babies get help to have a healthier life, to be able to get babies to pediatrician's offices. One huge thing is telehealth for the further north rural communities that can't get to doctor's appointments on a regular basis. Maine ADP also does a lot of work with obesity in the state of Maine. It’s amazing to see these people who are so passionate about helping these children and problems that most people would turn a blind eye to. 

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