Testimonial Place Holder

Heather Barker, '11

Dental Hygiene (4-Year B.S.)

"After working as a dental assistant for roughly five years, I decided that having a permanent job in dentistry was what I really wanted. So after I graduated with an associate's in science, I decided I wanted to apply for dental hygiene school, particularly one that offered a bachelor's degree. Not many colleges in my area offered the bachelor's program, and after some research, I found it great that the University of New England offered exactly what I was looking for!

"When I received my acceptance letter into the UNE program, I knew it was going to be a life-changing experience, and was so excited to take the opportunity to further my education in Maine, while still close to home.

"The teachers are very friendly and genuine; they are always willing to help and give great advice, and they have especially made me feel great about my decision to become a dental hygienist. I have learned a great deal from them; I have grown more confident in my professional decision making and my clinical skills.

"I enjoyed every moment in the Dental Hygiene Clinic, especially the patient contact and certain cases I was able to experience. I like how all the Dental Hygiene students related to each other; we all became real close and supported each other. The Dental Hygiene teachers, staff, and my fellow classmates (friends) made my experience at UNE educational, very memorable and fun!"

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