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Heather Tatsak, '13

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Heather Tatsak, '13


UNE Experience

What I enjoyed most about the psychology program at UNE was the many opportunities that were offered to me. I was able to serve as a teaching assistant and was given the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Stiegler-Balfour in her cognitive psychology research lab. My primary tasks in the research group were data collection and analysis, as well as helping to develop new ideas for projects. Being given the chance to work so closely with my professor was a unique opportunity that you don’t often find at other universities. For one of the projects we were working on, I was given the opportunity to help work on a manuscript. The paper was later published and I was awarded the honor of being listed as a co-author — that was one of my proudest accomplishments during my time at UNE.

The staff members in the psychology program are always available to students and welcome students to ask questions. I always felt as though my professors were striving to provide us with the highest level of support and it helped me to feel as though I was being carefully guided through my major.

I am currently working at Kennebec Behavioral Health as an Access Center Specialist. I serve as the initial point of contact for new clients looking to begin services with our agency. I support clients in better understanding the mental health services that they are looking for and complete new client intakes for our agency. I am working to attain my LSW and plan on returning to graduate school in the future. My major greatly prepared me for my job by helping me acquire the skills necessary in the social work/psychology field. The psychology program taught me to always challenge myself and to never stop striving for new information and ideas.