Jenna DaCosta, '21

Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

I am from Livingston, New Jersey. I was drawn to UNE for various reasons: the small class sizes, the well-recognized affiliated osteopathic medical school, the friendly environment, and the location on coastal Maine. Initially a Medical Biology major on the Pre-Med track with a minor in Nutrition, HuMed has offered me the opportunity to change my direction and focus my studies in the humanities. This change will allow me to pursue a more diverse path of studies, and help me to develop relevant skills in communication, observation, listening and becoming more tuned to people, their emotions, their lives and how differently people can react to similar situations. These are valuable skills that will aide me in assessing and treating patients with empathy and compassion once I am a physician. 

My Liberal Studies major will focus on women in society. I will focus on the achievements of women — both past and present — as well as global perspectives on women’s lives and experiences. This year, I am enrolled in a “Caribbean Sustainable Development” course, for my class will travel to Dominica for two weeks. As we travel the country and study Dominica’s culture, the educational system, how the people of Dominica strive for sustainability, I will be able to compare and contrast the differences between women of Dominica and women of the U.S. While in Dominica, I will have a first-hand experience in a school, which will enable me to view the roles of girls in the Dominica educational system and thereby provide me with a better understanding the role of women in Dominica society.