Headshot of U N E student Jeremiah Martinez

Jeremiah Martinez ’23

Political Science


[When I visited] I just loved [UNE] right away. I just knew it was for me. I was like, ‘yeah I want to come here.’ I loved the campus — it’s right on the water and beautiful. And everybody that I met was just so welcoming. It actually felt like it was going to be a home here with a community vibe.

You are not going to be wasting your time by coming here. You are immediately going to fall in love with this place your freshman year. Beautiful campus, beautiful people. Everyone’s welcoming and happy.

The classes that I’m taking are putting me in the right spot [for my ideal career] — they are setting me up for a good future. I’m learning more and more every day and I enjoy it all the time.

Beyond the Classroom

I am the co-leader of the Storming to Change group. And I’m also a leader of the Brothers of Color.

Brothers of Color group is like a safe space for people of color in our community where we can meet on campus. The majority of our campus is white so we want to make sure that everyone is given a safe place, especially because these people are targeted in everyday life all the time.

Storming to Change touches on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the athletics community instead of just the normal general student life. The goal is to make sure everyone feels included — even the athletes. We’re trying to integrate the general public into it too, we are meeting with the president this week to see how we could bring everyone in — he’s very involved.