joe valenza

Joe Valenza '68

Creating access and support for today’s students

“My most favorable experiences at St. Francis College include the access to the professors, which was quite remarkable, and the camaraderie among the students and staff. Even now, 50 years later, that camaraderie still exists.

“My education at St. Francis College prepared me well for graduate school, which I went on to after I graduated, and it also prepared me well for my career. While I had to work hard in graduate school, I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I’m grateful for the education I received at St. Francis college; both inside and outside of the classroom. All of my professors and classes brought something new to the table, something different, and something I cherished then and still cherish today.

"Regarding the St. Francis College Class of 1968 Memorial Scholarship, I thought its creation was important for many reasons; to memorialize our classmates who have passed, to keep alive their memory, to benefit current students with some financial support, and to pay it forward. My classmates and I were beneficiaries of some very generous people, and I don’t mean necessarily financial generosity, but generosity of time, advice, or just giving of themselves. The best legacy we can leave is one that supports current students in similar ways.

"My wife and I have encountered many phenomenal UNE students. We recently attended the UNE Invitational (UNE’s Women’s Cross Country) where we encountered one such student. When I think about philanthropy, I think about phenomenal UNE student’s that can benefit from our support, and that is what the St. Francis College Class of 1968 Memorial Scholarship will do."

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