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Joelle Perkins Gagnon '14


Joelle Perkins Gagnon '14

UNE Experience

A DO Practicing Compassion and Care in Maine

“My background says a lot” begins Joelle Gagnon, DO’14, a Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship recipient. “No one in my family is a physician — I’m from rural Maine and am the first person in my family to graduate from college. I can relate to rural Maine and the people who live there. I can relate to life in a small town and the community spirit in a small town,” she adds.

“My time at UNE made me more confident — I was pursuing something I loved and I had the support from those around me helping me achieve what I have always wanted to do. Professionally, I have always been both self-motivated and hardworking but I think coming from a strong medical school helped even more.”

Joelle has currently joined Women’s Health Associates of Lewiston, part of St. Mary’s Health System, where she is practicing obstetrics and gynecology. “My everyday consists of performing annual health visits, osteopathic manipulations, guiding women through their pregnancies, and conducting surgeries. I love the continuity of care; when you meet with your patients and get to know them, forming that relationship means a lot to me. Also, forming a partnership with a woman throughout her pregnancy is so crucial for successful outcomes and that is what I wanted to achieve by practicing in Maine.”

“Being a Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship recipient means so much to me. My roots are in Maine; I went to high school in Maine, this is where my family is, and this is where my home is. The Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship has made it possible for me to work in Maine. Now I can take care of women in Maine throughout their lives and give back to the community where I trained. St. Mary’s is an underserved population, and providing care to those who might not otherwise receive it is extremely rewarding. What drew me back to Maine and St. Mary’s was the need to provide compassion and care to all, regardless of who they are. Being a Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship recipient has made that possible.”

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