UNE Neuroscience alumni Jordan Faloon works in the Center for Excellence in Neuroscience

Jordan Faloon, '12


"I love UNE because I feel that it is the perfect size for me. All of my classes are small enough to get the attention that I need from my professors and to connect with the rest of the students. Also, it's big enough to provide undergraduates many opportunities to get involved in diverse academic programs, research projects and community programs. Throughout my college career I have been involved in UNE EMS and Relay for Life, both of which are rewarding experiences. Through the Internship Office, I was able to set up an internship for the summer of 2009. This allowed me to gain experience within a hospital, shadowing physicians in a variety of specialties while earning college credits; it was a great experience and I hope to complete another internship like it in the future.

"When I arrived at UNE I was a Medical Biology major and felt that the program was interesting, but not focused enough for me. When the new Neuroscience major was developed, I was immediately interested. This program is the perfect fit for me. My research experience has also heightened my interest in the program and through it I have gotten to know a lot of the faculty and staff that are involved in the major and the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences.

"I have had multiple rewarding experiences while conducting research at UNE.  I have worked in the laboratories of Professor Ed Bilsky for over a year, both during the summer and the academic semesters... For the summer of 2010, I was awarded a national scholarship by the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) to support my research efforts as an undergraduate researcher. I will have the opportunity to present my research findings at the National Experimental Biology meeting in April of 2011."