Testimonial Place Holder

Julia Keane '12

Art Education K-12

I love that UNE is a smaller school, giving me a chance to walk to class and know everyone that I walk by. A school this size gives every student a great opportunity to develop a family, or maybe two. The Art and History programs are full of incredible professors, great materials, and ideal learning.

The more I learn about art and education, the more secure I feel regarding my future. Education courses offer opportunities for me to do fieldwork and student teach, and art classes give information about local art walks, the school's Zephyr art magazine, sidewalk chalk contests, and many more creative things.

Bringing art back to the world is a very important thing to me, and UNE does an incredible job of spreading the creativity to even the busiest med students. Student teaching and fieldwork have been the most helpful things to me regarding education, and my sculpture class once helped my professor create and set up his gallery display in Portland, Maine. Fieldwork is just one of the great attributes this school offers to my future, as well as my present, and the futures of many others.