Justine Lazatin

Justine Lazatin ’20

Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

When applying for residency, I took advantage of UNE COM’s rich alumni network and prioritized programs where UNE COM alumni have trained in the past, utilizing the “Alumni Mentors by Specialty” document provided to us. I’ve been active in the Student Osteopathic Medical Association throughout my four years of medical education, so it was important to me to train within a program that recognizes and values my distinct identity as a future Osteopathic physician.

I celebrated my Match Day in Maine surrounded by my fiancé, immediate family, and best friend, Marissa Lown, D.O., who was also in Maine completing rotations and celebrating Match Day. We projected UNE COM’s virtual celebration on the TV, which made us feel connected to the larger UNE COM community.

I was so nervous! I was refreshing my inbox every few seconds waiting for my Match email to arrive!

My reactions were: disbelief, relief, and the most happiness I’ve ever felt in my life (in that order). My dad was standing next to me as I opened my results, so we read the email together silently. I remember just staring at him (once we both had mentally processed my results) for what felt like forever. He shouted, “She’s going to Harvard!” and we all toasted with champagne to celebrate the news.