Testimonial Place Holder

Karson Coutré, '12

Marine Science

"I have wanted to be a marine biologist for as long as I can remember and have always been fascinated by the ocean. I chose UNE because I wanted to go somewhere with undergraduate research opportunities that was located as close to the ocean as possible.

"Because it is a small school, there are smaller class sizes and the professors are able to help individuals. I have always had the opportunity to go see my professors outside of class for advising.

"I have been working with graduate students and other undergrads on their research as well as having my own project in the Sulikowski research lab. I am currently researching the age and size at sexual maturity of the barndoor skate in the Northwest Atlantic. I have had the opportunity to go out on fish sampling boat trips, both on commercial vessels and UNE research vessels.

"We also do a lot of dissections of sharks, skates and rays and look at reproductive maturity. I also had the opportunity to go to the Gulf of Mexico with my Fish Physiology class and to conduct a study on the stress response in fish when temperature and salinity are altered. We were able to tag and draw blood from different shark species out on a hand lining boat. All of these experiences have exposed me to research and shown me that I want to continue conducting research in my future."