Testimonial Place Holder

Kate Rose DiVito, '11

Marine Science

"When it came time to choose majors and colleges, I knew that I wanted to major in marine biology... During my college search, UNE was one of the last schools I toured. But, as soon as I stepped foot on this campus I felt comfortable. The campus was not only small and right on the ocean, but the Marine Science Center and programs looked phenomenal.

"One of my favorite things about UNE is the small class sizes. This environment makes it easy to ask questions, voice your opinion and create relationships with your professors. Professors are more than willing to help you and gear their lessons toward the class’s needs.

"Currently, I am doing research with two professors, Steven Travis and Greg Zogg. They are looking at how the effect of sea level rise due to climate change will affect the marsh. I have learned the most at UNE from working Professors Travis and Zogg have taught me everything from how to put together a research proposal to fieldwork to molecular lab work."

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