Kayla Archambault

Kayla Archambault ’20

Applied Mathematics Chemistry

Both departments [for my programs] are small. In the chemistry department, there is the chemistry major, the biochemistry major, and the biophysics minor. They do this thing called the university sequence — you take your general chemistry courses first and then organic chemistry and then biochemistry. It’s a class of just students who are majoring in chemistry or biochemistry, so it creates a tight-knit community of those students. I’ve never had a chemistry course bigger than 15 students, so I’ve been able to easily connect with professors and feel like I am a part of a strong group of students. It’s great to have that support when we have intense labs or are working on projects together. I can’t imagine trying to do this program without the people that I’m doing it with.

We also get more in-depth one-on-one time with the professors, so we grow connections with them. It makes it easier to go to office hours or just get more familiar with the professors or with their knowledge of chemistry. For example, I like to chat with Dr. Mullin about his hiking trips or with Dr. Fox about her research. You get to know professors beyond the classroom in that sense.

Welcoming Community

When I came for Accepted Students’ Day, UNE felt like a community. Everyone was happy and smiling and glad to see me. It made me feel like I was part of something bigger. I felt like I wasn’t just coming to UNE to get an education, which is awesome in itself, but that I was going to be part of something great. I knew it was the right place for me.

My favorite thing about UNE is that we’re growing. When I started here, we didn't have the Commons building. It got approved the year that I graduated high school, so it’s completely new here on campus. UNE is breaking ground like that. I think it’s awesome that we’re expanding, especially with growing sports teams. I like the atmosphere here at UNE. Going to hockey games is always fun because everyone is involved and excited. That was a big part of my high school experience, and I like that I get it here at UNE too.