Kristin Dechene Campbell

Kristin Dechene Campbell '16

Business Administration Psychology

As a double major in Psychology and Business Administration, I had the opportunity to take two complementary perspectives on issues such as motivation in the workplace and research-based decision making. I discovered a passion for applied data analysis in my research methods course, in which I designed a study that found positive effects of exercise on short-term recall. I also gained valuable workplace experience through my internship with Unum, a Fortune 500 company located in Portland, and a consulting project with L.L. Bean. I graduated from UNE with a diverse set of experiences and an inspiration to continue learning.

My psychology background has been integral throughout my M.B.A program because I was already proficient in the data analysis and critical reading and writing that was required at the graduate level. I graduated this past May and am encouraged that my background at UNE has given me a strong foundation for career success.

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