kylee with kids
Headshot of Kylee DiMaggio

Kylee DiMaggio '19

Environmental Science Marine Sciences (Marine Biology Track)

I loved UNE — I was able to have one-on-one relationships with a lot of my professors. Now, after graduation, I still have those relationships with people who can coach me and help guide me. I was lucky enough that, having two majors, I had two amazing advisors, plus an advisor through my research at UNE. I feel very lucky, and I really value those connections. It’s a unique opportunity to UNE because it’s a small school. The connections you make are truly special because you get to know each other.

I was really involved in research during my time at UNE. I loved that aspect of my experience — I was able to perform research at an undergraduate level and come out with that background that will help me in grad school. A lot of undergraduate students at other schools don’t have that experience. The people in my internship now are learning things that I learned in my undergrad already. I am more qualified than other people who are competing for the same positions.

Global Engagement

I was planning from my sophomore year to go on the Kenya travel course trip. I knew that it was something that I probably wouldn’t be able to do for the rest of my life. I loved the whole trip, but our time in the Kakamega Rainforest stands out. We were there doing a lot of birding activities, which I was the most excited about. I had seen it on the trip itinerary and couldn’t wait. Having done bird research with Professor Noah Perlut, I was excited to expand my avian knowledge and work with African birds for a change. We were able to mist net birds there.

We ended up getting lost — I was so involved in conversation with the birding instructor that I looked up and was like, “Are we lost?” I didn’t even notice. Then it started pouring like you wouldn’t believe. We all huddled together under this big bamboo tree to try to stay dry. We were soaking wet, and we were lost. It should’ve been the worst experience, but it was the best part of my trip. It was amazing.

Ultimately, I wanted to go because of the wildlife, but I ended up getting so much more from it.