U N E alum Leonard Tan

Leonard Tan ’11


I was an international student from Malaysia that transferred to UNE as a sophomore during the fall of 2008. The reason I chose UNE is because the college specializes in the medical and health sciences, which are my fields of interest. I was also impressed by the amount of research that was done by the faculty here. UNE has also provided me with a generous financial aid package, which enabled me to pursue my studies in U.S.

One thing I liked about the program at UNE is the small student-to-faculty ratio. This enabled me to interact more with the professors and enhance my learning experience. Besides that, UNE emphasizes a lot on extracurricular activities. I was able to improve my leadership skill by participating in various clubs and being an officer in some of them. Being a president of the International Club, an Orientation leader, and holding a position in the Undergraduate Student Government were a few of the many activities I was involved in.

I worked in a neurogenetics lab with Professor Geoffrey Ganter...the main theme of the lab focuses on the effects of steroid hormones on fruit flies (Droshophila melanogaster). In my honors thesis, I looked at the changes in pheromone expression in male fruit flies with altered steroid levels.

Working in the research setting taught me how to think critically and how to apply all the theories and knowledge learned in class to the real world. Before working with Professor Ganter I wasn't sure what I wanted to do after I graduated, but now I am certain that research is the path I would like to pursue.