Lindsay Forrette, '13

Lindsay F

Lindsay Forrette, '13

Animal Behavior

UNE Experience

"Working in Dr. Dzieweczynski’s research lab was most important to my professional development.  It gave me experience with independently conducting research projects, planning future research projects, writing and editing scientific manuscripts for publication, managing the responsibilities of laboratory work, and the protocols for working with animals (just to name a few)! In addition to the work that I have done in the lab, I also conducted field research with birds under the guidance of two different professors.

"I am currently in my first year of a Ph.D. program. My experience conducting guided and independent research in Dr. Dzieweczynski’s lab as well as my time as a teaching assistant for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy have prepared me to hit the ground running as a Ph.D. student. I may even want to be a professor myself someday."