Lydia Pinard

Lydia Pinard '22

[UNE is] one of the few schools to offer an undergraduate marine science program. What really sealed the deal for me was when I toured the Marine Science Center. I saw that they pump seawater through the building. The fact that I could work with marine organisms as a first-year student was really cool, and that I can study oceanography as an undergraduate student is a wonderful opportunity that I couldn’t find at other places.

UNE is a really well-rounded community. There are so many opportunities both in terms of the amount of clubs and groups and in the amount of classes. I have found that I have gotten involved with so many other fields other than my own. I have a strong tie with the Environmental Department now, and they're so welcoming and kind. I'm also very involved with the Math Department because I am a Math minor. Overall, at UNE, you really spread your roots anywhere and do a lot in a small school setting.

Focused Research

UNE is a great place to do research. I've been doing research with the head of the Marine Science Department since my first week here. He and I started a project together, which is actually what led me to pursue the Oceanography track. I do love biology, and I particularly love ecology. Ultimately, the reason that I am studying Oceanography now is to gain a broad understanding of not only the biotic factors that influence organisms but also the a-biotic factors.

My research experience has really changed my life both in terms of what I want to study and by working with different professors. I've started to branch out and work with people in the Math and Chemistry Departments while still working with my Oceanography professor. My research has led me to make a lot of personal connections, which is great. It’s also been really interesting seeing people doing the work that I want to do. I have presented research at three different symposia now, and it’s been such a great experience. I’ve enjoyed developing my presentational skills and also getting the word out about the work I am doing.

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