Testimonial Place Holder

Madisun Bunker, '13


"During my freshman year, I took a Sociology and a Psychology class that sparked my interest in the mind and human behavior. Neuroscience is similar to Medical Biology, but different because it allowed me the opportunity to choose four classes out of two lists. This gave me a little freedom to create my major while learning all about the brain.

"The Psychology and Neuroscience professors at UNE are some of the most amazing professors I have ever had. I’ve learned so much more than I ever imagined and have developed great relationships with each of them. One of the reasons I love my major so much is because all my professors have brought their real life experiences into each of their classes, which shows the students how much they love their work and want to share their experiences with the students.

"I also volunteered at Oak Grove Rehabilitation Center chatting, playing games and spending time with the old folks. My volunteer work made me realize how much I value personal contact, and I knew that the career I chose would have to involve face-to-face contact and really getting to know and listen to the people I try to help."

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