Testimonial Place Holder

Mallory Driscoll, '14

Dental Hygiene (4-Year B.S.)

"I chose to major in Dental Hygiene because I always enjoyed my science classes in high school. Also, both of my parents are in the medical professions, so I have been around it my whole life. I had job shadowed at my dental office to see if dental hygiene was the major for me. I loved everything about it, the quiet environment, happy people, and knowing that I was helping my community. 

"I chose UNE because it is unique in the way that it has a four-year Dental Hygiene program.

"There are a few things I like about UNE. One is that the student to teacher ratio is small. I am able to focus in class better and ask questions when there are only 20 people in the classroom. Also, the Biddeford Campus is very student oriented. There is always something to do, whether it is going to watch a varsity sports team or playing on a club team. I am also looking forward to going to the Portland Campus next year and experiencing helping patients."