Testimonial Place Holder

Megyn Beyer, '12


"I chose to come to UNE because of the many health profession majors UNE offers. As a freshman, I was not sure what medical field I wanted to choose, but UNE allowed me to meet faculty and students from the various medical fields, which has helped me decide to pursue a career as a physician.

"I am currently a Neuroscience major at UNE, and what I like most is all the different courses I am able to take. I have the opportunity to take psychology, biology, and chemistry courses, in addition to the core neuroscience courses.

"I enjoy being involved in Habitat for Humanity and the EMS club because they allow me to not only meet new people but to also help my community. Most recently I decided to volunteer in Kennebunkport as an EMT to gain patient contact experience.

"I am working on a collaborative project between the laboratories of professors Renée LeClair and Edward Bilsky... My research work has made a huge contribution to my professional development. It has taught me how to pay careful attention to details in the laboratory and has given me multiple opportunities to meet people in related fields and present to them my findings in poster and oral presentations. These are skills that I will be able to continue to use as a physician."

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