Testimonial Place Holder

Meredith Cohen, '13

Occupational Therapy (M.S.O.T)

"From the start I took advantage of the many opportunities during my short time at UNE. Being elected class president gave me the opportunity to organize various events on campus and throughout the Portland community. I also owe my rich and diverse experience over the past two years to UNE and its focus on interprofessional education, as it gave me the recent opportunity to be involved in the planning and facilitation of the 2013 Spring Symposium. 

"The occupational therapy curriculum at UNE provided great opportunities to interact with a diverse population and a variety of diagnosis. The most influential experience was from my time at the Krempel’s Center in Portsmouth, N.H. Krempel’s is a day treatment program for individuals who have experienced a traumatic or acquired brain injury. It was an inspiring and eye-opening experience of the impact that Occupational Therapy can have on the lives of these individuals. It set a high standard and has become the epitome of the type of career setting I hope to achieve after graduation."