Testimonial Place Holder

Michael D’Apice '12


I knew right away that a Communications major...was the best route for me to consider so that I could enhance my pre-existing skills in the video editing/production field.

I am completing an internship with the nonprofit Spurwink Organization, in which I am working for their marketing department creating a video database of all of their sponsored locations. This internship opportunity has given me the chance to get out on the road, and practice the entire video production process from start to finish, more than just [completing] video assignments from a class. 

UNE has also given me the opportunity as a Communications major to work with the Department of Environmental Studies in creating an online interactive map of the Saco River and all of the stakeholders/businesses that utilize the river. This has enabled me to make contacts around the UNE campus and expand my study and experience in the field, something I would have never gotten to do otherwise.

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