Mitchell Becker stands atop a snowy mountain in deep fog
Mitchell Becker stands smiling at the camera atop a mountain. We see blue lakes and green mountains in the background

Mitchell Becker '21

Medical Biology Medical Biology (Medical Sciences)

Welcoming Community

I really loved the kind of people that are at UNE — the community. When I came onto campus for my first tour, that's when I noticed that there was something special about the students at UNE. It felt like a tight-knit community. Everybody is so friendly and kind. I really felt at home when I first toured here.

UNE is awesome — it was a perfect fit for me, and I’ve been so happy for my four years here. I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else.

Beyond the Classroom

I love all of the opportunities that we have on campus for stuff to do. My involvement first started at the clubs and organizations fair at the beginning of the school year when I first got to UNE. I saw the Outing Club table from a mile away. They had a tent set up and some surf boards and other equipment out. I knew it was the table for me, so I rushed over and signed myself up. I became an officer my junior year and have continued since. I’ve taken on more responsibilities each year and have just been having so much fun with it. I love picking what we get to do.

My favorite trip is the Acadia trip. Outing Club has an annual trip there in October, so it’s when it is starting to get cold, and the leaves are changing. We stay at a campground for three days and two nights, and we get to see all of the beautiful foliage. We go on a lot of hikes. It’s a great time to get outside and take a mental break. It feels good to just be with friends and not have to stress about homework.

We also take weekly evening trips to go rock climbing at an indoor climbing gym in Portland, and we take trips to hike on the weekends. I love the chance to get out to the White Mountains to hike.

It doesn’t really matter what you get into at UNE, but I think it’s so important to get involved in whatever you’re passionate about. Just do whatever makes you happy. UNE is really here to serve the students, so whatever students are interested in, they come up with the resources for.

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