Morgan Hill
Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill ’16

Medical Biology

Internship/Clinical Experience

I am pre-med track with a major in Medical Biology and am hoping to go to med school after I graduate. I am also minoring in art therapy. I recently studied abroad in Tangier, Morocco. While I was abroad, I wanted to find an internship that would allow me to continue working with chronic pain. At first, this was a little difficult and challenging. I had to visit various clinics around Tangier before finding a good fit for me. I finally decided on Croissant Rouge, which is somewhat like the American Red Cross.

Doing my internship at Croissant Rouge allowed me to get an international perspective of chronic pain. While working there, I really had to break out of my comfort zone. I saw myself pushing my language abilities as I continuously asked questions. As I tried to grasp concepts, I often had to ask for things to be explained in a different way or in a different language. Working in this environment allowed me to learn in a much more intense way than I ever had before. This experience allowed me to open my doors to new perspectives and new ways of learning. I think that UNE’s global approach and global initiative are allowing students to push themselves to go abroad to experience other cultures, broaden their perspectives, and think for themselves. The things I have learned from this experience as well as my openness to new perspectives are things that I will hold with me for the rest of my life.