Nicholas McGlinchey, '14

Testimonial Place Holder

Nicholas McGlinchey, '14


UNE Experience

"My academic interest didn’t develop until my sophomore year [of high school] in biology class, when I discovered I had a passion for science. After taking several more science classes, I was able to narrow my general interest down to the biological sciences in particular. This passion is what ultimately led me to attend the University of New England as an undergraduate in the Pre-Pharmacy Program. I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy because it integrates science, patient interaction and the potential to conduct translational research.

"One of the most attractive features of UNE is that it offers a track leading to a Pharm.D degree in six years. Because I only needed two years as an undergraduate, I was able to focus on the science classes most relevant to my major, allowing me to pursue my career goals in a timely fashion.

"I started working as a pharmaceutical research assistant under professor Ed Bilsky during my first year at UNE. I enjoyed the experiences and challenges that came with the job and decided to further my studies in the lab the following summer and throughout the remainder of my undergraduate career."