photo of Paige Mason outside by a house

Paige Mason ’24

Public Health Nutrition Applied Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (R.D.N.)


I'm from a very close-knit community and [UNE] just felt like home. I really liked the small school. 

When I took my first nutrition class I totally fell in love. I was really interested in how nutrition played a role in our body and all the different impacts and implications on our health. 

Now, I'm getting my Master of Science in Applied Nutrition Dietetics Focus. I think to be able to go from undergrad at UNE to then jump to grad school has really been a smooth transition. [As undergrads] we got a lot of fundamental knowledge, that's something that I take advantage of. 

My professors encourage me to take advantage of [research opportunities]. I'm incredibly grateful for that opportunity. I think that just further enhances the skills and the knowledge that I can take with me. 

Beyond the Classroom 

There are a lot of opportunities [for students] to get involved and to further your learning outside of your program [through the Center for Excellence in Public Health (CEPH)]. I got involved in research partnering with the Westbrook Housing Authority and as well as the Southern Maine Agency on Aging. The whole point [of our research] is to look at the impact of an Innovative Pandemic Responsive Nutrition Education Program. Residents sign up to be in sessions where they receive nutrition education. I can be a resource of what I know if there are any of those general nutrition questions that are being asked because I have that background [from my] undergrad in nutrition.

I learned about Maine’s aging population in my class, but to hear about these personal experiences is really eye opening. ​​I really got to understand firsthand a lot of the barriers that these older adults face. Being a part of this has been so rewarding. I think [the Center for Excellence in Public Health’s (CEPH)] role at UNE is incredibly important in the work that they're doing to better the community, to better resources, and to break down those barriers.