Paxton Arsenault

Paxton Arsenault, '17

Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies/Pre-OT Education

Studying abroad in Tangier was the highlight of my college career, and probably the best choice I’ve made in my entire life. Being exposed and immersed into a completely new culture is something that woke me up to the vastness of the world. Throughout the semester our group went on various excursions which definitely make up some of my favorite memories. We took day trips to Tetouan and Asilah, and weekend trips to Rabat, Chefchaouen, Marrakesh, and Seville, Spain. We of course also explored Tangier itself: we visited local cafes, got lost in the medina, found an amazing donut cart, talked with locals, and even attended some of Tangier’s futbol games (which were incredible!). I know our group became like a family while experiencing these new cultures together. Having a close-knit group and such amazing staff on campus truly made this experience unforgettable.

While in Tangier I chose to volunteer at a local orphanage once a week. A group of girls and I would taxi to the orphanage after our week of classes were over and spend a few hours with some of the beautiful children of Morocco. Giving back to a community that has given so much to me was so rewarding and definitely made my time in Tangier that much more special. I could go on and on about the memories I made there, but of course there is a “study” part in studying abroad. The professors on campus were so welcoming and care deeply about the students’ overall education. My education and studies kept right on track to graduate and I formed some unforgettable relationships with professors on the Tangier campus. While classes come first, there is still plenty of time to experience the new place you’d be in. There is plenty of time to study and get the experience you want from being abroad. I would go back in a second!